“When you have a dream that becomes your passion, belief in yourself will create your destiny.” MH


L’Herboriste was born out of passion for plants and their magical healing gifts from our planet. Not only do they sustain us, they heal us and bring serenity to the soul.

The journey started in my childhood when I made a cucumber skin tonic for my mother. I was drawn to plants from an early age and was always making concoctions from different herbs and plants I would find in the woods of the Blue Ridge mountains, where we spent our summers. Many years later I became a Medical Herbalist with the College of Phytotherapy UK, and started a small practice in Zimbabwe where I lived with my husband and children for several years. We eventuallyfound ourselves in Provence, where I began to formulate products for myself, and as I progressed I began to share, and it has evolved from there. As a herbalist would, I include herbs in all my products, for healing and beauty, and to give them life. I make all my products by hand, in small batches, using as many organic ingredients as possible to create beautiful, purely natural skin care that is safe for people and the environment. I like to keep packaging simple and elegant for low environmental impact. I hope you will enjoy using my products and sharing them with friends and family, it is my sincere wish that they will bring a sense of well being and peace of mind.


Melinda Harland

Dip Phyt