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Thank you for your interest in my products. It all began in Africa on a remote farm. Living and working on an organic farm taught me to be creative, practical and determined. As a medical Herbalist I began using my resources to create medicines and cosmetic products that were as simple and natural as possible, not only for my patients but for my family as well. Having moved to France I found myself surrounded with fantastic plants and raw materials to really make the kind of products I'd always had in mind. So here on our farm in Provence I make all my products using herbs that I grow or wildcraft locally, most oils and other raw materials are from the region and are organically grown as much as possible. I use only pure essential oils, to create scents that reflect the nature of the product. In an effort to move away from mass produced chemically laden cosmetics and toiletries, not only for ourselves, also for the safety and future of the environment, I hope you will enjoy using L'Herboriste products for life.
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